Doing without Doing

Trying to set up a tent on a backpacking trip and it was NOT working enter the practice of Wu Wei!

Trying to set up a tent on a backpacking trip and it was NOT working… enter the practice of Wu Wei!

There is a concept in Taoism called “Wu Wei”. It is translated as “doing without doing” or “doing by not doing”. Ah, yes, another spiritual paradox (they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere!)

Like most simple truths, this one rings true in my soul, and yet, my rational mind argues, how the heck does one “do without doing”.

For my New Year’s resolution this year I set the intention (goal) of “doing more of nothing”. In other words, sitting still for a short time each day and literally not doing anything. I will admit, it’s HARD! I haven’t done it every day, but I have done it more often than I have in the past.

To what end? (You might be wondering)

Well, to me, doing nothing is about allowing. It is about bringing yourself into the vibration of what is.

When we can do this, accept what is, we suffer much less.

Recently I have seen that it is more about bringing doing and being into balance with one another. Too much doing = depletion. Too much being = stagnation. Being in balance is to be in the flow. Much like a river, when you are in the flow, you are moving with the current downstream. To carry this analogy further:

Going with the current = being or allowing. Treading water to keep your head on the surface = doing.

When I first started down this spiritual path, I used to fantasize about removing myself from Western society. All I wanted to do was retreat to an Ashram in India and practice Wu Wei… all day, every day.

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But then, Chephren was born. This miraculous being who came through me into the world. He is the reason that I continually choose this life that I am living.

Chephren at 3 months

Chephren at 3 months

Would it be easier to do without doing in the Ashram? Almost certainly. But I accept the challenge of practicing it here. Now. In this moment.

After all, I have everything I need. (One of my favourite mantras).

Blessings to you and enJOY the Journey,


4 thoughts on “Doing without Doing

  1. Audrey Graham

    Greetings MareBare, I must say that you have an adorable little man in your life. Chepran is so very precious and handsome too! I look forward to taking your course online with you! Now, I shall go to your website and get started!

  2. Audrey Graham

    June 1, 2013
    I feel that I must go to rest as I have been awake for several hours and I wish to complete your “Doing without Doing” a bit later on today after I consume some nourishing food and possibly rest for a bit. As I have stated I have been awake for several hours and I have fibromyalgia; both of which drain my energy levels. So, I will return later when I can focus better at the topics at hand. I hope that you will understand and be patient with my request. I will return later today if you will allow me to do so. Thank you, Audrey Graham

  3. Audrey Graham

    Doing without Doing is something that I feel will help me and I am asking for your cooperation in my present situation. Thank you again, Audrey Graham


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